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Heating and Air Conditioning in Highland, IN

Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning

It's All a Matter of Pride

Home comfort is everything to us, as Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning has been family–owned and operated since 1975. We’re proud to be a part of the Highland community, and we’re always on the lookout for the best comfort solutions for our customers. This includes high–efficiency equipment, ongoing training for HVAC contractors, and a commitment to excellent customer service. We think you’ll want to return for our services time and time again when you see the amount of work we put in to any service and how dedicated we are to your wellbeing and comfort. For us, it’s all a matter of pride!

How Heating Systems Have Changed

Decades ago, a furnace was probably your best bet for heating a Highland, IN home, though they weren’t very efficient. Boilers could get very noisy and they were risky to operate, and older electric heating systems now cost way too much to run. Today, you have so many options for your home comfort, and the systems work better than ever. The minimum efficiency of a new furnace or boiler is well beyond the most efficient systems sold in an earlier age. Upgrade today to see the difference a new heater can make!

How Boilers Keep You Warm

Rather than using the ductwork to transport warm air to the space in your home, a boiler uses a hot water tank and a set of pumps to move water through a set of pipes underneath your home, emitting heat from underneath the floorboards or through a radiator or baseboard. This is often more effective and efficient than forced–air heating.

What You Should Know about Gas and Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces are not used too frequently in our area. However, it might be a great choice for a smaller home, a backup heating system or someone without gas lines on the premises. Gas heating systems are much more efficient today than the older gas heaters you may be used to, and you should notice a difference when you replace your older unit. But for your safety, trust our professionals to install or service your gas heater or your electric furnace in Highland, IN.

Air Conditioning Is Better than Ever

If it’s been a few years since you’ve looked around for a new air conditioner, you might be surprised to see what’s out there. The conventional split–system air conditioner is available in efficiency ratings that were unheard of a couple of decades ago. Heat pumps allow for heating and cooling from a single system and with the same components. Ductless mini splits blow air into the room from a wall unit, not a built–in vent, and do so far more efficiently than a window AC. Want to know more about the systems available in Highland? Call our team!

How Your Indoor Air Quality May Benefit from Our Services

When you have problems getting even heating and cooling throughout your household, we can help. We can install duct insulation to keep heat from transferring out of the ducts, or provide duct sealing to keep air from leaking out and affecting the climate of your home. When you have too many contaminants in the air, like pet dander and pollen, our selection of whole–home air purifiers does the trick. And when you notice dry skin and chapped lips, our humidifiers add moisture back into the air.

Will Duct Insulation Really Help?

Duct insulation can actually make a really big difference in comfort and efficiency in your home. The air ducts won’t be able to lose heat so easily in the wintertime or to gain heat in the summer, so the air that makes it to your home is just the right temperature. In addition, you’ll pay less for heating and cooling once the systems don’t have to work so hard to keep you comfortable.

Why Smoke Detectors Matter

Many people assume that if a fire ever started in or near the home, they would notice. However, if you’re asleep or away, you cannot get your home or your family members help in a timely manner. Don’t let this happen to you. Schedule smoke detector installation with us. We’ll get the units into the proper place in your home, according to local codes.

Water Heaters for Highland, IN Residents

Get in touch with our friendly team, no matter what your water heater needs may be. If your water heater is leaking, shut off the water (if you can do so safely) and call us ASAP. If you’re concerned about a noise in your water heater, we still recommend that you call our team promptly. And if you need a new high–efficiency system replacement, we can handle that too. We install and service tank and tankless water heaters. Call us for a quality system or service to meet all of your water heater needs.

What Makes Tankless Water Heaters Efficient?

Tankless water heaters are efficient because they don’t have to keep large amounts of water hot for a long period of time. You don’t need hot water throughout the day; you really only need it a handful of times. So why bother with a tank water heater that uses energy all day long, when you can get hot water on demand from a tankless unit?

How to Find Commercial HVAC Technicians

Don’t go with just any HVAC company you find in the phonebook or online. Double–check that they service commercial HVAC systems and not just residential ones, and that they’ve done so in the past. It’s so important that you only schedule service with experienced commercial technicians who know the ins and outs of commercial cooling and heating equipment, and who can ensure that you get the service you need for your entire company’s well–being. Need a new air purifier? Trouble staying cool? Not sure how to change your filter? Give Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning a call!

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