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Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Hobart, IN

Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning

It's All a Matter of Pride

Call the friendly people at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning to get heating and air conditioning service for your home or business in Hobart, IN. We service all makes and models of residential equipment, install some of the top brands, and repair and install commercial HVAC systems as well. We also offer an excellent maintenance package for better performance and efficiency that also includes discounts on repairs and priority scheduling. Whether you have a furnace, boiler, heat pump, ductless system, radiant system, or central AC that needs service, count on us. We also install and service indoor air quality equipment and water heaters. Get superb customer service from our HVAC contractors in Hobart. It’s all a matter of pride!

Superior Heating Service

When you work with an expert on our team, you can expect a heating installation or service to go much more smoothly than if you worked with an amateur. Too many people trust a handyman or a friend to attempt to service a heating system with very little or no experience or training. This means that you might notice that your heating system fails soon after service, that the installation doesn’t hold up, or that your energy bills go up. Call our heating specialists for your next boiler, furnace, or heat pump service.

Let Our Professionals Service Your Boilers

We have the experience and training necessary to service all makes and models of boiler. We continuously train our technicians to make sure they know about the latest systems and techniques for repair, replacement, maintenance, and new installation. For your safety and convenience, this is not something you’ll want to service on your own. Call Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning to get excellent service.

Gas and Electric Furnaces Require Professional Service

Gas furnaces should only be serviced by trained professionals in the HVAC industry, since the risk of a gas leak or carbon monoxide leak is simply too much to risk. However, even an electric furnace should have professional installation, repairs, and maintenance services if you expect everything to operate smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Trust our experts for quality heating service and installation.

Upgrading Older Thermostats

When you have a thermostat that’s difficult to use, with manual knobs and sliders that can be tough to line up, you end up spending more each month. You may start and stop the system too frequently, and you still don’t feel as comfortable as you should. A programmable digital thermostat helps with this issue, and allows you to make changes to your HVAC system in advance, when you know you’ll be away or asleep. Schedule an upgrade today!

Quality Air Conditioning Installations

The central air conditioners we install are of the highest quality, as we have been certified Trane Comfort Specialists since 2002. We install new, high–efficiency air conditioning units, heat pumps, ductless systems, and even geothermal heating and cooling systems. We do not skimp on the installation. We take the time to measure your home, assess your needs and your budget, and get you the very best unit for your needs, installed securely for maximum efficiency. Contact our staff for AC installation or service in Hobart, IN.

What’s Wrong with Your Indoor Air Quality?

Do you feel like your dry skin and chapped lips may be caused in part by your home’s climate? Low levels of humidity call for a whole–home humidifier that can make you feel more comfortable and can even prevent illness or reduce symptoms. Notice your allergy symptoms acting up far too frequently? You might need an air purifier, UV germicidal lights, or an air filtration system to get it under control. Hot and cold spots around the home? Poorly sealed or uninsulated ducts could be at fault, so call our team for duct insulation and sealing.

Why Duct Insulation Is Important

Duct insulation is something that you may not have thought much about in the past. But proper insulation helps to contain heat, which can otherwise transfer out of the ducts with ease, making the heater take longer to heat up your home. In addition, it stops heat from moving into the ductwork in the summer, allowing for shorter cooling times as well. This all amounts to better efficiency and improved comfort.

Test Your Smoke Detectors

It’s so important that you test your smoke detectors once a month to ensure the alarm is working to alert you when smoke starts to fill your home. Simply hold down the button that says "Test" and make sure you can hear a beep. If there is none, try changing the batteries. And if this doesn’t work, call us in for a replacement smoke detector. This is a fixture that could save a life, so it’s certainly worth your while.

Water Heaters for Everyone’s Needs

Your household has particular needs for water heating. Maybe you live alone or with one other person, and you only need a relatively small water heater that does not use too much energy to keep the water warm. Maybe several people in your home often use hot water from different fixtures at once, so you need a water heater that can keep up. Maybe you’re concerned about energy efficiency and want a tankless water heater that heats up the water on demand. Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning has what you need, as well as the services necessary to keep your water heater in good condition.

Our Commercial HVAC Specialists

Our commercial HVAC specialists are trained specifically on commercial heating and cooling systems 25 tons and under in Hobart, IN and the surrounding areas. We can make sure that the job is completed properly, whether it’s a complete system installation, a replacement boiler or furnace, routine maintenance for the air conditioner, a new thermostat, or even a filter change. Get in touch today, and we’ll see what we can do to improve comfort on your commercial property in Hobart, IN. We’ve been proudly serving Northwest Indiana since 1975.

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