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Zone Control Systems and Service in Schererville, IN

Central heating and air conditioning changed American homes for the better. We are able to adjust the temperature in the home with the touch of a few buttons, and we can even use our thermostats to make temperature changes well in advance. You can add in indoor air quality equipment to the ducts to make your home healthier, and the energy efficiency of heating and cooling equipment keeps getting better as the industry grows.

However, many people with large households have experienced one big problem with central heating and AC. With a standard ducted system, you can only change the temperature throughout the entire home and not in the individual rooms, which can lead to disagreements among family members. Thankfully, there’s a system to solve this problem as well! Call Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning to find out if a zone control system is the right choice for your home in Schererville, IN. You’ll get thermostats in different rooms so that you can vary temperatures throughout the house and keep everyone happy.

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How Zone Control Works

A zone control system is a major installation, but it should last a long time and help your home throughout the year. A technician must access your ductwork and cut into it in order to install adjustable dampers into the ducts. These dampers are installed in parts of the ducts that lead to the various zones you’ll want control over. When you change the temperature on the thermostat in a room, the damper in that area opens or closes to let air in or to keep air out. This is not the same as opening and closing vents around the home, as this is designed to work with your HVAC system and won’t force the unit to struggle (as closing the vents often does).

More than One Benefit to Zone Heating and Cooling

There are many benefits to installing a zone heating and cooling system that gives you total control over the level of heating and cooling that reaches the various rooms of your home. 

  • Fewer disagreements amongst family members – When you’ve got thermostats in different rooms, you might not have to deal with so many disagreements about whether the temperature is too high or too low.
  • Better heating and cooling efficiency – Lower the temperature in a room you’re not using to save money on heating.
  • Even heating and cooling – Zone heating and cooling systems can allow you to vary the temperatures in the home, or to keep them the same. Even temperatures are harder to achieve in larger homes with many rooms, but with a zone control system, dampers can automatically adjust to the thermostat settings in a room to get the downstairs rooms as warm as the upstairs ones.

Call Today for Zone Cooling and Heating Services

If you’re looking for a way to get thermostats in multiple rooms of the home, you’ve come to the right place. We install zone control systems in Schererville, IN and throughout Northwest Indiana. After installation, you can expect it to be easier to cool or heat your home evenly. You may be able to save some money on monthly heating and cooling costs as well, and you’re likely to hear fewer complaints about the temperature from family members. The NATE–certified experts at Earl's Heating & Air Conditioning have plenty of experience making this type of change to duct systems, so trust us to do the job right. We provide quality customer service with any installation or zone control service. It’s all a matter of pride!

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